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Leading with a legacy

The mission of the NVN Foundation is to lead and love through a legacy. 


The NVN Foundation, in honor and in memory of Nicholas Val Napolitano, was established to keep Nick's legacy alive by contributing to worthy causes in his name and selecting those organizations that participate in the activities he loved and embody the qualities he represented. 


Since its start in 2011, the NVN Foundation has grown into something we know Nick would be proud of – a foundation dedicated to helping youth, young adults and organizations in our community see their dreams become a reality whether in the classroom or on the field. 


Nick lost his life by putting others before himself, and our hope is that the NVN Foundation can inspire others to put the good of others before their own. From sports to education to youth outreach programs, we are dedicated to making a difference in our community by leading and loving through a legacy. 

Who We Support

The NVN Foundation is proud to support causes that give back to our community. This year, we're adding a new beneficiary to the NVN Foundation family, to expand our support of deserving organizations. This new organization will be announced at Night Out for Nops on February 22, 2020. 


The below organizations are among those beneficiaries we currently support: 


American Softball Association


Contributions support coaching, uniforms, transportation and more for the “Hoovers” athletes at DREAM.


In honor of him, the NVN Foundation built 'The Gathering Place' in 2012, it's a space where coaches, players and parents can gather and recharge.

The Best Buddy Award, in honor of Nick, is given to the volunteer who shares beloved qualities in common with him - passion, energy and generosity.


The NVN Foundation supports Soccer in the Streets year-round. At the beginning of each year, The Napolitano Award is presented to someone who embodies leadership, service and enrichment around the beautiful game of soccer. 


The NVN Foundation has established an annual scholarship awarded into perpetuity to a rising junior at Wake Forest. This young man keeps the scholarship until he graduates and is chosen by a committee who seeks a student who exemplifies all Nick stood for at Wake Forest.

Additionally, the DKE fraternity awards the Nick Napolitano Outstanding Chapter President Award at their annual National conference.  

An ongoing goal of the NVN Foundation is to spearhead a "Cause to Save Lives" in Rhode Island, where Nick lost his life, working to ensure proper signage is erected to warn visitors of the dangers of entering the water. On August 7, 2011, there was no signage to indicate these hesitations. 


The first important step in this effort came to fruition on May 5, 2014, when signage was finally installed. The NVN Foundation works to monitor enforcement of this effort and hopes to establish the initiative to the other areas where proper signage can help save lives. 

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